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gLife - “Hip hop for hope...” - Salt Lake City, UT 

gLife is an independent singer/songwriter and rapper born in Salt Lake City, UT but is considered a local to the entire “Mountain West region”; having done over 1000 shows in the Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Montana, and Nevada. He has also performed in Canada, the Hawaiiaan islands, and at dozens of grass root music festivals being compared to the sounds of Swollen Members, Sublime, Dilated Peoples, the Roots, SLUG, and more. He is usually with his crew DJ Pookie and Master Q (violin) backing him up on stage and vice versa.

gLife's newest album “One-Five” comes out in September 2015 and has songs with Sunspot Jonz (Living Legends), Adlib (Battleaxe Warriors), REEF the Lost Cauze (AOTP); all of whom gLife has performed with live.

gLife music is on radio charts including CMJ and is available everywhere worldwide at outlets such as: iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and many more.

gLife, with DJ Pookie and violinist Master Qball,  have been creating a unique sound infusing the DJ and live violin elements while maintaining a hip hop core. They have been compared to the sounds of the Roots, Swollen Members, Dilated Peoples, and Sublime. They have been well received at festivals, bars, clubs, and stadiums; being asked back every time.

GeorgeLife,​ also known under the moniker of "g​Life," ​is preparing to release his sophomore studio album, ‘One-Five.’ The album follows ‘All I Know,’ his highly successful debut professional record that charted on both indie and college radio. Since stepping out into the music community, gLife has toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada. In promotion of ‘One-Five’ and its release on S​eptember 18,​ gLife is making the rounds once again with additional U.S tour dates. He’s backed by DJ Pookie and violinist MasterQ, thus refining the definitive hip hop trio.

In 2013, the Salt Lake native’s music became synonymous with quality production, excellent guest features, and passionate delivery. The twenty track epic defined his debut on the scene, marking him a relevant and poignant artist for his generation. ‘One-Five’ elevates gLife’s output even further, delving into political and social issues, as is the case with the single for the album, ‘Dangerous,’ which dropped with a music video at the beginning of July. ‘Dangerous’ features MasterQ on violin and is controversially, but superbly portrayed on film in a video directed by Evan Moore. The video, which has already picked up modest traction online, tunes into the chaos and frustration regarding the police and minorities the past year. Immediately referencing cases such as Michael Brown’s, the music video turns the tables on the cop and reflects on gun violence and recent American politics. Though controversial, the video harnesses a very crucial dilemma in our society.

Like its predecessor, ‘One-Five’ is chock-full of incredible guest artists. Los Angeles heavy hitters such as Percee P and Living Legends alumni, Sunspot Jonz, are present. Hailing from the east coast, Reef the Lost Cauze (Army of the Pharaohs) and Adlib (Battleaxe Warriors) provide powerful performances as well. Also following in the footsteps of ‘All I Know,’ the album is is predicted to land itself another Top 5 ranking on the CMJ charts.

As aforementioned, ‘One-Five’ will be available globally on September 18. The album will be released digitally worldwide, both on retail platforms such as iTunes and Amazon and streaming services such as Spotify. Global presale for the record begins tomorrow, August 18. The live tour in support of the album begins September 18 in Utah and ends October 25 in Chicago. (See dates below.) The tour is set with performances from the likes of Twista, Ja Rule, Family Grind Entertainment, and more.

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gLife Music

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